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We have put together a selection of videos to help give you an idea of what to expect when you visit Madagascar and also what you are missing out on! we hope you enjoy them as much as we did and that it helps you decided where to go

Madagascar Island of Lemurs

Explore Madagascar

The Malagasy are the inhabitants of Madagascar. Their ancestry is a mix of African and Asian and they have a rich cultural heritage. Over 17 million inhabit the island of Madagascar , and their vibrant music and dance celebrate their traditions.

The beautiful city of Tana ( Antananarivo ), capital of Madagascar

Climate Change Madagascar: Anjali Nayar visited a pioneering project in Madagascar that’s aiming to protect one of the country’s few remaining forests. It’s hoped that projects like this will help curb global warming. But first, these projects must overcome the poverty and political upheaval common to most developing countries.

Music Wood Coalition Tour

On the very remote Masoala Peninsula , Eastern Madagascar , the villagers gather to sing. The entire peninsula is covered with primary rainforest and can only be reached by air, followed by a 2 hour boat ride.

Remarkable ‘Dog-faced’ Lemurs Leap Through Jungle – Madagascar, Preview – BBC Two