Top 10 Landmarks of Madagascar

Some people refer to Madagascar as the 8th continent because of its size and astounding ecological diversity. The island is the 4th largest in the world and is home to many must-see destinations and unique landmarks. From the atmospheric Avenue of Baobabs to the...

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MADAGASCAR – The place for every traveller

For some, Madagascar is the ultimate dream destination while for others it’s an exotic and practically unheard of locale that merely piques their interest. They may find themselves wondering who exactly Madagascar is for. In this case, travellers will go to their...

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We work with only the best in Madagascar to offer our clients a memorable experience. A guide can often make or break this experience. We thought you would like a chance to get to know Armel, or Mel as he is affectionately known, one of our guides who consistently...

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Madagascar’s Must Do’s

Even in this day and age the exotic island of Madagascar still remains largely undiscovered and unvisited, with tourists almost being put off by the sheer uniqueness of this unusual destination that they know so little about. To counter this, we have outlined some of...

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Five Fascinating Facts about Lemurs

One of Madagascar’s most famous attractions is not a palm tree fringed beach or a towering mountain or even a historical landmark, but actually, it’s an animal – the lemur! Lemurs have long held an allure for travellers around the world because of their uniqueness and...

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Dear Travelers The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported the Plague Epidemic in Madagascar is over. There have been no new cases of Bubonic or Pneumonic plague since the 28th of October 2017. The WHO was able to mobilize quickly after the first flare-up and...

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Air Madagascar Soaring to New Heights

In what is very promising news, Air Madagascar will soon become much more reliable and convenient for travellers, due to joining forces with Air Austral, a French airline based in Reunion. The two Indian Ocean carriers signed an M.O.U stating that Air Astral will own...

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Seasons of Madagascar – when is best to go

Travelers may wonder when the best time to visit Madagascar is and what they should take into account regarding the climate and seasons? To answer that question, it’s important to remember that it’s a large country with incredibly diverse geography and topography....

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Calling all Foodies… Madagascar: A Food Lover’s Paradise

As the Irish wisely said... "LAUGHTER IS BRIGHTEST WHERE FOOD IS BEST"  and MADAGASCAR is certainly no exception!!! Not only will it seduce you with its jumping lemurs, lush rainforests and bright-blue coastlines, Madagascar has fast become famous as a destination for...

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