Author : Mandy Strachan 

Madagascar is changing its visa policy as of February 2016. There will now be a charge of 20 euros for tourist visas and 10 euros per person tourism tax payable on arrival at the airport. This should not overly disrupt clients’ arrival experience but may slightly increase the time it takes to pass the border control.

Visa and Health Requirements

 Visa Requirements

A visa is required to enter the territory of Madagascar. Visas can be obtained upon arrival and will be charged as follows, for both adults and minors:

  • Up to 1 month: 80’000 Ar (around 27 €*)
  • Up to two months: 100’000 Ar (around 33 €*)
  • Up to three months: 140’000 Ar (around 47 €*)

*Note that the Euro rates depend on the rate of exchange applied at visa control.

We advise clients to bring small change as authorities will not always have the correct change to give back. Authorities are also planning to introduce a frontier levy of around 10 € soon, which will replace the tourism levy already paid with each hotel night that clients are spending.  The date of application for this has not been released. We advise travelers to take note of this as often, little warning is given prior to implementation in changes to border/frontier levy’s.

Health Requirements

There is a risk of catching malaria in Madagascar. It is highly recommended to ask your doctor’s advice about anti-Malaria drugs before leaving your country. Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes and as the insects are most active at night, it is recommended that travellers wear long-sleeved trousers and shirts at night, and sleep under mosquito netting. Bring a good mosquito repellent with you.

When visiting Madagascar you do not need any vaccinations unless you have been to certain African countries where there is a danger of contracting yellow fever. Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory. We also recommend vaccination against Hepatitis A. As medical cures and medicines are only available at hospitals in big cities, it is recommended that you bring your own First Aid kit.

Tourism in Madagascar is still in its early stage! Do not eat raw vegetables and do not drink un-stamped bottles of water.

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