Regions of Madagascar

Madagascar consists of three main climactic zones – the eastern rainforests, the western tropical dry deciduous woods and the semi-arid south – with an unsurpassed diversity of plant species.

Madagascar’s plants and animals are simply staggering: just about everything you see in the national parks and nature reserves is found nowhere else on earth.  Beautiful landscapes, beaches and wildlife reserves, together with delightful local peoples combine to make this island an unforgettable holiday experience.


  • Spectacular National Parks with rainforests and endemic wildlife
  • More than 70 species and sub-species of lemur
  • Tropical climate, beautiful beaches and magnificent coral reefs
  • Whale watching (July to September)
  • A unique Afro-Asian nation
  • Off the beaten track holidays with friendly local people
  • Exquisite wild silk weaving, wineries and historical heritage museums
  • Fabulous water sports including diving, kayaking and deep sea fishing